Welcome to the wonderful world of the Great Indian Trail – your single resource for the best routes across India. The Great India Trail is a repository of curated routes from across India, in the form of KML/GPX files. 

Navigating the Great Indian Trail

To begin with you will need to choose a device on which to view/use the KML/GPX files –
– GPS Devices
– Android phone
– iPhone

The main choice is between using a dedicated GPS device or using a mobile phone with GPS capabilities. 
 Whatever device you use, get to know the app and how it works on your device.
Make sure you use it a couple of times before your big trip! It’s a gadget and there’s always the chance of bugs/quirks.

    Note:- Mapping apps will have a navigation or route record option to prevent the screen from going to sleep while on the trail. We recommend a power source for your device as constant GPS usage can drain your battery.


    How to Use the  Trails

    Here are best working navigation apps available for the Great Indian Trail
    Android apps:
    Orux Maps

    GPX Viewer

    iPhone apps:
    Maps 3D 
    We recommend for both Android and iPhone.

    How to use the .GPX or .KML Files
    For phones:
    1.     First make sure that you have the app of your choice installed on your phone
    2. Head over to the “Routes’’ section on the website.
    3. Download the particular state .gpx/.kml file 
    4. Your Android/Apple phone will prompt opening the particular file through the related navigation app installed on your phone.
    5. Simple, then Dump that clutch and explore the trails.

    To explore the routes on the GRIT, head on over to the Routes section!

    Find out what goes into creating the GRIT, learn more about us!

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