A commitment to ourselves, to the earth we call home and to all the beautiful places that we travel to should govern how we use GRIT. Our footprint affects the balance. Our awareness reduces damage.Travel is all about experiencing beautiful places, culture, people, flora, fauna and food. Whichever way you travel, there is always an impact. Be mindful and reduce the impacts of your travel, help local communities and the earth to stay beautiful.

GRIT follows the “I Don’t Trash my Travel” ethics and principle.  The GRIT Code of Conduct:

1. Motorcycles and riders must be road-legal, licensed and insured.

2. Give way to locals and respect local people, their space and laws.

3. Travel at safe speeds and in your comfort zone, please do not treat GRIT as a race track.

4. Ride with less noise and use throttle at discretion as noise offends.

5. Do not travel in large groups; 4 or less is ideal.

6. Dirt trails especially are fragile; consider detours when necessary and with the challenges of weather.

7. Respect and acknowledge the presence of other trail users. A smile is the traveller’s greatest ally.

8. Carry a trash bag and leave no trash behind. Discard trash responsibly. Anything your throw away is trash – there is no differentiation.

9. When you camp, make sure you take all your trash with you and leave no trace.

10. We believe in conversations. It’s the only way to change mindsets and imbibe a sense of responsibility and change in culture in our ways of travel. Do not hesitate to call out bad and irresponsible behaviour.  

11. Pack light. The more you leave behind, the easier your journey.

12. Contribute to the local community by staying in local places.

13. Eat local and healthy.

14. Treat locals with respect, make conversations with them; you might just end up having a great experience, get invited to a local’s home, you might get to see places that otherwise you might have missed.

15. Respect local forest laws. Do not touch or collect specimens; Avoid travelling post-sunset in protected areas, even if it is a highway.

16. Appreciate the sanctity of forests and wild places. Avoid trespassing into protected areas. Watch wildlife as you pass by. Do not stop at forest areas.

More details on I Don’t Trash My Travel (IDTMT) :



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