It takes a lot of effort, money and resources to keep the GRIT network alive, apart  from paying for the website, hosting it and IT support. Even though most of the resources created are by volunteers in their spare time, we still need cash to go out there to discover routes, trails and other resources. We need gas money to pay for volunteers who have up given their time. There is always a need for equipment, GPS devices, and associated material.

If you are associated with a brand who shares the vision of GRIT and would like to partner with us. Please head to our partners section.

As an individual, you can still support the GRIT and the people travelling on routes: 

1. If you are a local, ride the trail, send us updates, a new route, a new detour.

2. If you would like to host travellers, please send us your coordinates. It has to be in the vicinity of the trail, your home or a backyard to camp. Or a spot you suggest to camp or stay.

3. Trail resources are created by dedicated volunteers. We would like more people to ride and send us trail updates.

4. It costs to keep GRIT alive. Our Partner brands have funded  the creation of the website. If your brand would like to support through contribution in kind and cash, send us a note.

5. As individuals if you would like to contribute to keep this alive, please donate here.

The idea of GRIT does not just stop at offering map downloads; we have plans to do more. Engage with local communities to benefit their local economy which adds value to the GRIT traveller, work with local welfare and conservation organisations, and engage with local tourism organisations and government agencies to make GRIT a viable option of travel and keep access to places open.

If you’re looking to contribute to the trails. Head on over to the forum and share your experiences. The Forum will be the center of all trail creation and moderation. Get involved to build the GRIT!

If you have a trail that works for the GRIT, please drop us an email

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