Grit Eco System

GRIT EcoSystem – Is a self evolving system.
It is a step towards integrating communities, local motorcycle enthusiasts & businesses to develop GRiT trails, to guide travellers in exploring their home turf.


GRIT EcoSystem

As much as Great Indian Trail is the effort of a few individuals to create an immersive slow travel resource for the community, we believe that it will truly evolve only when locals contribute to its development. The GRIT will grow in the right direction when connected with local riding communities, benefitting homegrown businesses like campsites / homestays and more. The essence of GRIT is to offer resources for an engaging and immersive motorcycle travel. It also works towards a Better Touring Culture and an inclusive native community / economy benefit.


    A Self Evolving System

    Below are the pieces of the EcoSystem

    GRIT Local –
    Some destinations are better experienced in the company of locals. The hidden trails, spots to camp and stay, the dive into regional food places, and community interaction that is best done in the company of folks who call your travel destination their home. There are regions in parts of our country trapped in accessibility issues due to local unrest, security challenges and other social issues. As a traveller one could find oneself in tricky situations. Some areas are just not accessible as a traveller or have other huge challenges. These are places that offer some of the best travel experiences, insight into a region and probably the best trails that is untouched by development.
    We want to run a pilot project in North East of India. It is one of the remote parts of the country with limited information and accessibility but also provides some of the best off-the-map riding experiences for motorcycle travellers. It is also limited with infrastructure which makes it interesting for us to build local connections that will benefit the economy.

    Role of a GRIT local –
    The role of a GRiT local will be to enable and guide off-the-chart travel for visitors.
    Help us develop trails – off-road and B-road connections.
    Identify places to stay, eat, camp and see.
    Create a travel charter for the area. (Permits and procedure info, do’s and don’ts, cultural insights et al)

    GRIT Pioneer –
    We have worked on a skeletal structure of the GRiT trail passing through every state. It needs development to integrate more, off-road trails, B-roads, interesting destinations and sights not to be missed, to form the perfect or the most immersive experience it can provide. This development will be constant. We think the best way to do it, is to assign GRiT pioneers for each state who can develop these trails with local knowledge by exploring unknown and hidden places.

    Role of a GRiT Pioneer –
    The GRiT Pioneer runs the present existing trail to QC it and tie in all the loose ends. Suggests edits to include more off-road trails and B-Roads.
    Rides regularly to explore the GRiT area to find more interesting connections and updates.
    Evolve the trails, edit the track and update the website

    Interested folks who sign up will be taken through a skill workshop to understand the role and train themselves in use of GPS, edit maps on Basecamp and other associated skills.

    GRIT local business –
    People travelling on the GRiT spend money.
    We would like to build a database of places to stay and camp, and any support services which are locally owned, to enable the local economy and extend support to the communities.

    This will be categorised under:
    People who are willing to host travellers in their home

    Want to be a part of the EcoSystem

    Please send a note to [email protected]

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    GRIT EcoSystem
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