The Great Indian Trail

For a few years we have been collating routes and working on creating the most enjoyable experience of riding through real India. Which we call the Great Indian Trail.

We have also been dabbling with thoughts, discussing and arguing about how people might trash the place and not respect the landscape or it’s people.

After much deliberation and ideation – we believe that the only way to bring this change is through conversations and spreading awareness, slowly imbibing it in all of us, to come to a point of respect and care for our landscape, its culture and it’s people.

Constantly growing, the Great Indian Trail is a community project managed by dedicated volunteers and evolved by like-minded locals, motorcycle travelers and enthusiasts with a common interest of exploring landscapes with respect and gratitude.

Comprising of rural roads, trails and dirt roads, it stays away from big highways making it the most engaging motorcycle adventure this country has to offer.

We have come close to finishing the skeletal trail that connects the four corners of country – rather more than just the four corners! And we hope to see people adding to this database as locals and as travellers. We are also working on mapping some local stays, places to eat and see on this trail to make it more functional and complete.

In the end the money you spend is best spent in contributing to the local economies rather than just the mega corporate web platforms. We want you to “go the other way” – not the quickest, shortest or the regular roads. No bravado, no trash. Nothing but the most simple and essential experience of real travel on a motorcycle.

Let’s make this work and have meaningful conversations as we step out, on our motorcycles to really travel. And that’s how you are here.

GRIT EcoSystem