Rising from the Shivalik ranges and moving higher into the mid-Himalayas, Greater Himalayas and beyond, into the trans-Himalayan vast expanse of western Tibet, Himachal Pradesh is a land of grand diversity. The Himalayas have been revered and worshipped down the ages as the abode of the Gods. Many peaks and mountain lakes in Himachal are considered sacred. Sheltered by the ranges, rivers and their feeding tributaries have carved out some of the most serene, scenic and fertile valleys. The high mountain desert valley of Spiti, the scenic Sangla valley of Kinnaur, the charming Beas valley of Kullu-Manali and Mandi, the indulgent land of Kangra valley, the aesthetically cut out Chamba valley and Lahaul valley, crowded with some of the biggest glaciers in the entire Himalayas, are the backdrop of Himachal Pradesh, a geography as exciting as it can get.

Marking out Every Stop on the Way

These will be marked on the GPX  as legends which can be referred to the list below. This list will be populated by people riding the trails as and when they send us updates and suggestions. We can start with a basic list to trigger it off. Also keeping in mind with IDTMT (I DONT TRASH MY TRAVEL) principles of contributing to local economy of the area – specifically LOCAL)

Trail Info

The most exciting section of the Himachal Pradesh trail begins as you venture into the mighty Himalayas. The Himachal Section of the Great Indian Trail starts in the beautiful region of Chamba district and makes it way towards the Saach pass. Here you have the option of taking the Kishtwar route and head towards Kashmir or travel through Udaipur and reach the Manali – Leh Highway and continue east towards Uttarkhand through the stunning landscapes. There’s another fork which joins from the JK Section of the Trail which also traverses through the stunning Spiti valley and from Rampur through Chanshal pass it will enter the beautiful state of Uttarkhand, Pay heed to local weather warnings and permits.

Quick info

Total Length of the trail in Kms

Expected time to ride the trail; 15 – 18 days
Best time of the year;


Some passes will be closed in  early summer. 

Languages Hindi, English
Emergency Telephone; State services (police and ambulance services) 100 – Police
108 – Ambulance

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