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Karnataka is rich in some spectacular flora and fauna and offers some stunning routes along with some rich culture and heritage of the state. Western ghats here are one of the eight “hottest hot-spots” of biological diversity in the world.

Marking out Every Stop on the Way

These will be marked on the GPX  as legends which can be referred to the list below. This list will be populated by people riding the trails as and when they send us updates and suggestions. We can start with a basic list to trigger it off. Also keeping in mind with IDTMT (I DONT TRASH MY TRAVEL) principles of contributing to local economy of the area – specifically LOCAL)

Quick Info

Length of the trail; 200 kms
Expected time to ride the trail; 2 days
Best time of the year; Sept – March (Be cautious if you’re riding in Monsoons)
Language; Kannada, Hindi, English
Emergency Telephone; State services (police and ambulance services) 100, 108

Camping / Wild camping
Possibilities of camping spots. Any specific rules to follow. Wild camping – Rules if any and where it is possible (for ex – sanctuaries and national parks are a no no. Reserve forest – mostly possible. Ask for private backyard camping. Are villagers friendly? and will they be ok to allow camping in private property, govt schools etc after permission. Are there private networks of camping spots.
There is a playground behind Tulsi hotel at Chorla (GPS 15.667341, 74.155854) where its possible to camp. Tulsi hotel caters to bus traffic and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Trail laws;
If there any specific to this state. Or we will connect it to a general code of conduct which will created by us.
The forest department in Goa has been getting complaints from villagers of people riding their motorcycles fast and in a rash manner inside the jungles of the western ghats which house these villages. As such the forest department has built gates at various locations to monitor traffic. If you are wandering off the GRIT and come across a gate which isn’t manned, please don’t enter it.
What not to miss:
Dudhsagar falls near Mollem
Food – list of places with coordinates
Stay – list of places with coordinates: Dudhsagar Spa Resort (GPS 15.379414, 74.230879). This could be a good place to stop for the night on the first day. You can visit the famous dudhsagar waterfall in the morning (using local jeeps) the next morning and continue north after lunch.
Camping – Chorla (GPS 15.667341, 74.155854)
Places of interest; Dudhsagar falls near Mollem


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Code of Conduct

A commitment to ourselves, to the earth we call home and to all the beautiful places that we travel to should govern how we use GRIT. Our footprint affects the balance. Our awareness reduces damage.

Navigation Tips

GRIT resources are in the form of GPX and KML maps. These downloadable maps are designed for use on either a dedicated GPS device or a mobile phone with GPS capabilities.

Support / Donate

How you can support the GRIT and people travelling on them: